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Acne exists beyond its appearance as a skin condition. While Dr. Rosenbach employs a variety of medical and laser treatments to improve acne, he is also highly aware of the psychosocial implications of acne, such as how acne can affect one’s self esteem and even contribute to mood disorders such as depression. After working with countless cases of acne, Dr. Rosenbach continues to be gratified whenever he can help clear someone’s skin.

Acne treatment can be complex. The skin can change over time to become drier or greasier. Locations of acne can vary, as can its severity. Diet can influence acne as well. Dr. Rosenbach considers all of the relevant information to decide which treatments are optimal. Once the diagnosis of acne is firm, Dr. Rosenbach customizes a treatment for each individual patient that can involve a mix of topicals, oral medications, and lasers.

Owing to studies conducted where he completed his laser fellowship, Dr. Rosenbach theorized that the Pulsed Dye Laser would treat stubborn red acne remnants. His patients were able to undergo this laser treatment years before the first research trials proved its effectiveness.

For some patients, other conditions can imitate true acne. Dr. Rosenbach takes great satisfaction when he can correctly diagnose and clear up a condition that for years has been mimicking acne. When this type of situation arises, sometimes the longstanding battle with pimples can be solved within a matter of weeks.

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Dr. Alan Rosenbach

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