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Board-certified dermatology

Natural Lip Enhancement

The volumes of some surface structures on the face are known to diminish over time and the lips are no exception. Whether a patient desires lips that are fuller, wants to improve the symmetricality of their lips, or wants to rid fine lines around the borders of their lips, when it comes to injections, Dr. Rosenbach’s goal is realistic enhancement with an emphasis on natural appearance and safety.

During an appointment, Dr. Rosenbach sits with his patients while they hold a hand mirror, listening to their goals carefully. He uses fillers from the Restylane family to achieve those goals, employing topical anesthetics and gentle injection techniques. This increased comfort means much less time undergoing the procedure.

Dr. Rosenbach understands the subtleties of lip enhancement. Each lip is different. He believes the most important aspect to treatment is achieving a result that matches the goals set during the initial consultation.

At a Glance

Dr. Alan Rosenbach

  • Board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist
  • Clinical associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC
  • Researcher, published author, lecturer
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