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Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted tattoos of many shapes and sizes can be removed using laser technology. Dr. Rosenbach employs the Revlite laser to remove ink that is red, green, and black. According to Dr. Rosenbach, laser tattoo removal is part science and part practical sense–with an emphasis on experience.

Dr. Rosenbach has been conducting this procedure since his laser fellowship–before he opened his practice. This considerable experience allows him to choose laser settings for each patient with the goal of maximizing results in the fewest number of treatments. Dr. Rosenbach lectures at medical schools about how to utilize this laser at a strong enough setting while maintaining safety.

The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Revlite laser emits light for less than one thousandth of a second. The light passes underneath the skin and heats up tattoo pigment particles, breaking them up into even smaller particles. The immune system then engulfs the particles and removes them from the skin.

Our Revlite laser allows for treatment using wider beams than were available in the past, making the light of the laser smoother, safer, and more effective. Treatments are conducted every 6-8 weeks with occasional temporary shallow blisters or fine crusts.

At a Glance

Dr. Alan Rosenbach

  • Board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist
  • Clinical associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC
  • Reseacher, published author, lecturer
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