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Sun Spots

As we age, the sun can take a toll on the health of our skin, leaving us with sunspots. Whether it be the face, chest, shoulders, or other sun-exposed areas of our bodies, Dr. Rosenbach can remove these spots to make the skin appear healthier. With two published articles in medical journals about the removal of sunspots, Dr. Rosenbach is able to customize a treatment for each individual patient using lasers and topicals.

Why do we get Sunspots?

Darker pigmented spots on the skin are caused by sun damage, age, and genetics. The quantity and color of these spots often increases for people with considerable lifetime sun exposure. You don’t need an umbrella in your drink at a Hawaiian hotel to have increased sun exposure. Driving around or walking your dog can do it. While sunscreen helps, research shows that most people don’t apply it correctly. Thus, sunspots appear, usually on the sun-exposed areas of our skin.


We use two different lasers for treating sunspots. The alexandrite laser and the 532 Revlite laser are both effective. Dr. Rosenbach designs treatments tailored for each patient. For some patients, a single treatment could require both of these lasers. Typically, 90-95% improvement is achieved in these darker pigmented areas. This usually requires 2-3 sessions spaced around four weeks apart.


While lasers are quite potent at treating sunspots, topicals are also employed for most of our laser patients. Board-certified dermatologists are uniquely qualified to prescribe medications aimed at enhancing laser treatments. Dr. Rosenbach commonly assigns a program to combine topicals with laser treatments.

At a Glance

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