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Melasma is a discoloration of the skin that tends to appear on the upper lip, the cheekbones, and the forehead. While melasma can occur in men, it is a condition most commonly experienced by women in their twenties to forties.

Melasma is a complex condition because there are so many different possible expressions. It can penetrate deeply into the skin or it can be superficial. Sometimes the underlying brown or bluish color is thick and confluent. However, it is not unusual for the pigment-causing melasma to be wispy and thin. In short, melasma varies greatly from one individual to another

The treatment for melasma is dependent on the appearance of the melasma. Dr. Rosenbach designs a customized regimen based on each individual case. It is typical for Dr. Rosenbach to prescribe topical medications as well as laser treatments. Recently, there has been considerable research on an oral medication called tranexamic, typically used for patients with very stubborn cases.

Even though there are so many new treatments available for melasma, it is uncommon to achieve 100% clearance. On the bright side, most patients notice 50% to 75% improvement!

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