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Dr. Alan Rosenbach

Dr. Alan Rosenbach is a board-certified dermatologist widely recognized for his innovative work with lasers, injectables and early skin cancer detection. With an emphasis on healthy skin and natural appearance, Dr. Rosenbach combines cutting edge technology with evidence-based medicine. His welcoming and warm approach towards his patients has given a longstanding reputation to his private practice in Century City.

Dr. Rosenbach is a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. The author of numerous medical journal articles, Dr. Rosenbach lectures frequently at dermatology and laser conferences in the US and internationally. Doctors from around the US, Europe and Latin America refer patients visiting Los Angeles to Dr. Rosenbach for his expertise with lasers, injectables, and medical dermatology.

Dermatology Training

Dr. Rosenbach developed an interest in lasers soon after his medical studies were completed at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Following his dermatology residency training in New York at SUNY Health Science Center Downstate, Dr. Rosenbach became one of a small number of physicians in the United States to complete a fellowship devoted exclusively to laser surgery of the skin. This laser fellowship at The Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, overseen by Georgetown Medical School faculty, provided Dr. Rosenbach with unparalleled laser expertise and a clinical interest in lasers that persists to this day.

Dermatology Research

Dr. Rosenbach’s scientific contributions to laser medicine encompass both cosmetic and medical dermatology. He has discovered laser treatments for three different skin diseases, one of which, called Hailey Hailey disease, affects millions. He was the first physician to publish a medical journal article about a new laser technique to treat sunspots, dramatically reducing the time required for each laser session. Dr. Rosenbach was also the first to lecture about how elevated exam room temperatures can adversely affect the safety of laser hair removal procedures. Additionally, he lectures about laser treatment of surgical scars and has taught both didactic and hands-on cutaneous laser surgery courses.

Industry Leadership

Dr. Rosenbach was selected by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, to teach advanced techniques to physicians. A two-time winner of teacher of the year at USC, he continues to lecture about Botox and injectables such as Restylane and Juvéderm at medical schools around the US. Dr. Rosenbach’s name also remains on the short list for referrals by top academic dermatologists and plastic surgeons for laser treatments, as well as for both cosmetic and medical dermatology.